Doubles team running back to catch a lobResponding to lobs in doubles can be a tricky game, if you become too passive. Let me explain.

Often times, when a lob has been executed by the opposing team, players will quickly move out of the way, and yell “YOURS” or “THAT’S YOU” to their teammate.

This can slow down your reaction time on both a person level as well as a team one. Why?

Because, your teammate doesn’t…




Think Small, Win Big In Your Next Tennis Match!

Brain on A Bike


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Tennis Practice: Do More With Less

its not the hours you put inNow, I’m here to debunk a myth regarding tennis practice.

Too many Tennis players all over the world think that the longer you practice or prepare for an upcoming match or just for over all improvement, the more wins you will generate.

This isn’t necessarily true.

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Ryan Harrison Believes Tennis Success in 2014 Rests In A Healthy Diet

Ryan HarrisonRyan Harrison: “My New Year’s resolution will probably be to eat very healthy and give up losing (laughs).”

TENNIS MIND CAMP COMMENTARY: Ryan Harrison couldn’t be more right! 80% of staying in tip-top tennis shape rides
on you having and maintaining a well balanced, healthy diet.

Being a gym rat and getting that cardiovascular system pumping…

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Tennis World Hit Hard by Passing of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was truly a great man! And the tennis world echoed this sentiment by letting its own voice be heard.

Once the tragic news broke of Mandela’s passing, some of the sports greatest hit social media outlets to express their deepest condolences for the great and vastly inspiring icon, Nelson Mandela,…

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Tennis Diet: Beet A Superfood To Help You Last Longer?


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A Stamina Story in Andy Murray’s Historic Wimbledon Win Sunday, the last time a British man had won Wimbledon was in 1936. To put it into perspective, Queen Elizabeth’s grandfather was still king, and Daffy Duck didn’t even exist.

Clearly, that was quite some time ago.But the dry spell is now over, thanks to the always impressive Andy Murray…

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