A Stamina Story in Andy Murray’s Historic Wimbledon Win

by Head Coach

2jebkh2 A Stamina Story in Andy Murrays Historic Wimbledon WinBefore Sunday, the last time a British man had won Wimbledon was in 1936.

To put it into perspective, Queen Elizabeth’s grandfather was still King, and Daffy Duck didn’t even exist. Clearly, that was quite some time ago.

But the dry spell is now over, thanks to the always impressive Andy Murray taking top honors over Novak Djokovic.

Beating Novak on any day, in any tournament, is a tall order though. And Andy Murray knows this as well as anyone.

Far too often has the Serbian phenom squashed Murray in previous clashes, but this time it would be Murray who would dominate the match and finish in a 6-5, 7-6, 6-4 straight set victory.

Anybody who knows Djokovic’s on-court prowess might be surprised at that final score. Despite Murray’s incredible talent, Djokovic is the kind of player who either wins convincingly or just barely loses.

This is a man who’s won three Grand Slams in a single calendar year. And he’s the kind of guy who will play with tenacity no matter what he’s up against, even when facing a 0-2 set deficit. He’s a fighter! Even Christian Bale would agree.

So why the fairly disappointing showing from DJoker in this year’s Wimbledon final? Many attribute it to Friday’s nearly five-hour gruel-fest against del Potro (…one of the longest matches in Wimbledon history), and that very well may have had much to do with it.

But then again, Murray also had a fairly strenuous bout against Janowicz that he was recovering from. And what’s more, Murray still played a dominant game, and refused to give Djokovic any breathing room.

In the second set, Djokovic led 4-1 but Murray came back with aplomb. The same thing happened in the third set when Djokovic was up 4-2.

Murray was playing even better than he normally does, to the point where even his somewhat maligned second serves were delivered with some extra hot sauce on it.

He was ON! You could see it… You could FEEL it!

Now Djokovic may have been a bit more fatigued than usual, but that’s simply something you have to deal with if you want to be a champ.

There’s plenty of talk in tennis about the importance of practicing shots and serves, and getting your mental game as good as it can be.

But at the end of the day, endurance is often the crucial deciding factor between who will go home victorious and who will go down huffing and puffing the words, “I had it, I just couldn’t finish.”

The most technically skilled player alive can still be trumped if he or she is too winded to let the fabulous finesse shine through.

Now, of course, nobody would say that Djokovic lacks endurance and stamina. And, I mean, that’s what makes Andy’s victory even more impressive.

To beat someone like that, (…in addition to so many other things), you have to have an equal amount of lasting power, which Murray certainly had on display throughout the 3 hour and 9 min “nail biter” of a match.

But had Djokovic been a little less fatigued, and if Murray didn’t have the incredible fitness training of Jez Green in his corner, Britain might still be waiting for a hometown hero to claim Wimbledon.

Have a great day, and an even better game!

Brian H.


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