Tennis Nutrition: Try A Banana To Increase Your Tennis Stamina

by Head Coach

tennis nutrition bananas Tennis Nutrition: Try A Banana To Increase Your Tennis StaminaHey guys,

It’s been crazy in New York over the past few days.

Top seeded players have had to battle back from the brink of defeat, while others like Andy Murray never could really pull it together and suffered a major upset.

There’s been an outcry over an over-the-top dress worn by one of our players from another planet.  We’ve had a major fan-on-fan brawl that eventually led to a 3 year US Open ban!  Yea, it’s been a wild first week.

But considering all that, there’s still something else that has been talked about by literally every analyst at the Open and been felt by the skin of every fan and tennis player in attendance – the HEAT!

If any of you have been watching the US Open, you’ve probably heard the commentators lamenting about how tough the on-court conditions have been.

Though it’s come down and cooled off a little bit (…thank goodness), the first week of the US Open has been literally blazing hot (…hotter than I’ve ever remembered it being)!

I know first hand, because I’ve been frying out there each day myself, in the Ashe, Armstrong, and Grand Stand stadiums.  On-court temperatures at the U.S. Open have consistently been shooting up into triple digits!

Now even though it was close to unbearable for most fans, the players got it by far the worst.  It affected their bodies, as well as the outcome of their matches.

“The weather was my biggest enemy today,” said Ivan Ljubicic from Croatia, who credited the scorching heat for his loss, more than Ryan Harrison (… who could have been this year’s Cinderella story).

He was also quoted as saying, “The concrete of the tournament’s hard-courts, it’s just brutal.” Why would he say that?

Well, on the hard courts, it’s even greater than what you and I feel, sitting 10 to 20, or even 100 rows above it.  It reflects the heat upwards towards the players, making it an average 15 to 20 degrees hotter for the people working the hardest! Add that to the already increased body heat, and you’ve got a horrible problem.

Now though some players (…like Ljubicic) fell victim to the weather’s wrath, some managed to pull out big wins and are still alive in the tournament today, despite it.  So, how were those players able to withstand these wicked weather conditions? What did they do?

Some say it’s the product of working hard to be in great physical shape, while others believe that you staying hydrated is the key.   And I actually talk bout these concepts in much greater detail in TMC Strategy Secrets 101.

But these are both very true. And of course, you want a combination of these two elements to avoid both a physical and mental collapse.

But there’s also something that you can have ready in your bag and eat during changeovers to keep your mind sharp and your muscles firing.

Tennis Nutrition: Believe In Bananas!

Yes, Bananas. I knew about how great they can be for athletes, but couldn’t believe I hadn’t posted something on it before.

So, when the announcers during the US Open online broadcast of the match between James Blake and Novak Djokovic  began to talk about it (…not to mention the footage I recorded of at least 2 players per round scarfing these down these bad boys), that’s what made me say Ah-Ha… I should tell or at least remind you guys (…if you’ve been told in the past).

Now listen, when you unfortunately have to play in 90 degree and 100+ degree temperatures, you want to have at least a couple bananas in your bag, ready to go.  Why?

Because when you’re playing hard, you sweat out a lot of nutrients your body needs. And in the extreme heat, you’re going to perspire much more profusely and lose those nutrients at a much faster rate.

Two of the most important nutrients your body loses are sodium and potassium.  And if you want to be able to kick it in to the next gear and push past these conditions, without collapsing or being forced to retire, you’re going to have to replenish those nutrients asap!

And bananas are great for this, because they are often dubbed one of the most potassium-packed food on the market – absolutely great for your tennis nutrition.

I’m telling you, that sodium to potassium balance in the body is very important in maintaining constant blood supply to your muscles, which in turn will both enhance and distribute your energy supply to active parts of your body (…giving you more energy).

Many in the sports medicine, tennis nutrition and therapy fields appreciate the potassium-power delivered by this high energy fruit.

Because hey, when you get to a critically low point with them, your body will start to cramp up. And it’s going to hurt!  So, you want to bolster your tennis nutrition and attack this potential problem before it hits and takes over.

Tennis Nutrition And Muscle Response: The Bad News

Because once that happens, BAD NEWS! You might never get your muscles back to responding as efficiently as you want, and it can very well cost you the match, from your inability to continue.

Tennis Nutrition Video Version Below:

So, don’t wait until you can barely walk to start eating. Just like with your hydration routine, do it during EVERY change over. Take a bite… Take  gulp… Take a bite… Take A gulp…

So next time you feel the temperature starting to rise (…like in New York, Miami, or Las Vegas in the summer time), pack a couple of Chiquita bananas  in your tennis bag.  You’ll be much better equipped and perform at a much higher level..

Hope you enjoyed this quick US Open update and fruit-filled tennis nutrition tip. Oh, and let me know what you thought of this tip and your take on how the open is going so far.  I’d love to get your take on everything.

All the best,



Enjoy the rest of the open… Gotta run!

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Hi Brian!

I first just want to say thank you for helping so many tennis athletes all over the world.
Your tip on bananas is right on! As an attribute conditioning coach I can personally attest to the truth concerning the vital importance you tell about of the nutrients like sodium and potassium in hard working folks in hot conditions! While training with the US Army Special Forces at Ft. Bragg, NC for jungle warfare conditions we all supplemented with sodium in our water, and ate bananas whenever we could. It can get real humid and hot during the summer at Ft. Bragg NC! … whew!!
I also especially liked the part when you said to make sure you should hydrate and eat the bananas BEFORE the cramps start to attack! This pro-active approach is paramount in fending off those attacks before they even start!
One of the most physically demanding jobs on earth during the summer heat is Tree Removal/Lumberjack work. I tell ya.. climbing up 60-70 trees, topping them out and sectioning them down is tough… but then ya gotta ground saw and pick everything up by hand and haul it away to the trucks! HooWAHH!! You got it all right there! Cardio and Weight Lifting. I used to cramp up every night until I started to do like you suggest in your blog here. I started to act in a pro-active manner the day before work and on the work day..through out the whole day to fend off the cramps!
Now granted… one doesn’t drag brush, lift and carry logs all day on a tennis court. However, when an athlete is sprinting all over the court for hours… it can be BRUTAL to the body! Explosive movements are very taxing to the body! For extreme conditions, or for those who sweat profusely, something to help tremendously is supplement with Magnesium and Potassium tablets once a day with meals.
You’ve heard the saying,
“That may be good… but this is The Best!”
Well, what you’re about to read is this case absolutely!
It’s one of the best kept secrets of nutrition today!
Another tremendous help is to use some high quality SEA SALT through out the day, and add a little to your hydration drinks as well. Regular salt can help, but not even close to the degree as a quality SEA SALT product does. Regular table salt has lost most of it’s benefits due to the artificial bleaching process. A good SEA SALT has lost absolutely Nothing, and has all the nutrients and minerals that’ll keep your body going!

Our bodies are practically made up of what is in sea water! So…
Let me ask a question… what is one of the best things on earth you can eat that does not and has not ever lost it’s nutritional value? Can you guess? It’s sea weed!
Yep that same stuff in sushi bars! It takes a little getting used to at first, but when you add it your sandwiches, salads, or rice.. it’s not too bad. I try to eat 1-2 notebook sized pages of it everyday added to my food. PLAIN SMOKED SEA WEED! Ya gotta be careful here to read the ingredients because some of the flavored sea weed has the oriental favorite flavoring MSG (monosodium glutamate) in it. MSG isn’t good for your body! Anyway, one of the best things you can eat is sea weed, and especially now with all the new discoveries concerning the benefits of iodine in relation to the thyroid. The thyroid is very important to the proper functioning of our bodies! Sad thing is.. nearly all americans have health problems due to deficiencies in their thyroid glands.. and don’t even know it!
Sea weed is loaded with naturally occurring nutrients that actually feeds this power house.. the thyroid gland!

You want to stay healthy? Stay away from any kind of refined sugar and especially artificial sugar… they have been proven over and over and over to pull the immune system down, down, down. Honey is like several times stronger than regular sugar and is 100% natural. The new product STEVIA is also natural.

By the way.. do you know where and how they discovered the sweetner used in “Spenda?”
Let me give you a little hint… How about if you sprayed an insecticide sorta like “Raid” in your tea or coffee to make it taste good? Sounds impossible? Money talks!!
OK.. just the facts please. Check it out for yourself!

Whew… That was a lot… It came at ya fast & furious!

But these little known secrets will change your life for the better, starting from day one!

You and your staff have helped so many people out there, I hope that in someway maybe this little bit of life changing info will be a blessing to you and yours!

Thanks again for all that you do for us and,

May GOD Bless You and Yours,

Glenn Tate



In my last article…
The “60-70 trees” … left out a word on the end…
It should read “60-70 ft.” trees…
Yep… hard rough work in the summer heat.
But cramps are cramps, whether in the trees or on the courts! Your article will help many people!
Thanks again!

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