Jerz Janowicz Falling To His Knees During Australian Open Tantrum

Now, to be fair, it can be pretty hard to maintain poise and dignity when you feel like the whole court is against you, especially when you’re on such a big stage.

But that said, you don’t want to look like good ol’ Jerz (…and completely lose it), do you? Of course not. So here’s some tips on how to become the Anti-Janowicz.


{ 2 comments }’s that time of year again! Time to dust off the barbies and get those shrimp on. Time to dingo-proof your babies!

It’s the Australian Open! This year, we’re presented with some of the usual suspects, the perennial favorites, as well as a couple up-and-comers.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the players to watch for in this year’s Melbourne Madness!!



Bryan Twins, What Is Their Secret To Achieving Tennis Doubles Dominance?

Twin Towers in Tennis DoublesThe Bryan Twins… Greatest Tennis Doubles Team Ever…

Whatever it is that you call them, we want to know what their secret is, right?

Well, what is there secret, having a twin, a great tennis diet, both having the word Bryan in their name (…like me :-) )?

The reason so many people ask these questions is because it can be quite rare to see a tennis player in their mid-30s who can dominate the game.


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Roger Federer Needs A Rest; And So Do you

Thumbnail image for Roger Federer Needs A Rest; And So Do you

You’ve heard the catchphrases all the time: “No Guts, No Glory.”  “Winners never Quit.”  “Take it to the Limit One More Time.”

…Well, that last one was The Eagles but you still get the idea: Conventional wisdom tells us that you have to have a warrior mentality in sports and give it your all with…

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Andy Murray Strategized Against The Wind To Win The 2012 US Open, Jelly And All Murray, even if he didn’t make it to this year’s U.S. Open finals, still would have had a incredible year.

He’s come into his own in a big way this year, playing the kind of tennis that Britain always expected of him. His trumping of Federer for the gold in the London Olympics was just one such example.

For a man who had yet to win a Grand Slam going into the finals, and…

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US Open 2012: Serena Williams Overcomes Serving Woes, Beats Azarenka In Epic 3 Set Final

serena williams win 2012 holding us open trophy

Serena Williams definitely had a banner year coming into the 2012 U.S. Open.

She took Wimbledon and the London Olympics at the age of 31 and proved to everybody that, at this rate, there would be little question of her going down as the greatest female to ever play the game.

In truth, the only person who could really take down Serena Williams was Serena Williams. And in the US Open finals, that very nearly happened…


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US Open 2012: Andy Roddick Plays Smart; Knows The Right Time To Lose

Andy Roddick Loses Final Match at 2012 Us Open

When I saw what some would call an unorthodox (…maybe even weird) strategy being executed in the 2012 US Open 4th round match between Andy Roddick and Juan Martin del Potro, I definitely wanted to share it with you guys.

Now, let me ask you something.  How many sets have you lost on purpose this year? I know this probably sounds like a crazy question

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Serena Williams Shows How Relaxation Can Nab You A 4th Round US Open Double Begal; 2 Strategies To Add To Your Game

Serena Williams Smiling After US Open 4th Round Win

Enjoying the US Open 2012 so far? It sure has produced some fireworks, that’s for sure. I wish I was still there for the second week!

Anyway, you guys see that Serena Williams 4th round match? My goodness, she put on a clinic. She taught her opponent so much in just 57 minutes.

Now, of all the great shots the Serena made, you know what Hlavackova, as well as every tennis player watching,  should take away from this match most?

Relaxation and controlling your…

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US Open 2012: Breaking Roddick Key To 4th Round Victory; Andy Retires

Andy Roddick Loses To Del Potro In Final Match at 2012 Us Open

As if it wasn’t bad enough to say farewell to Kim Clijsters last week, now we have to bid adieu to Andy Roddick, who along with Clijsters will go from “tennis great” to “former tennis great.”

And, like Clijsters, Roddick’s final game of his career will go down as a loss.

But there are a lot worse players to lose to than the very talented Juan Martin del Potro, whom Roddick…

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US OPEN 2012 Tennis Strategy: Stop, Drop Shot, and Roll

Lisiki running for a drop shot on tennis court

These days, it’s hard to imagine a time when many tennis tournaments like the US Open would come and go without a single player using a drop shot. But you don’t have to go very far back to reach this very un-golden age.

As recently as the ’90s, the term ‘drop shot’ was almost a dirty word, and the best players of the era, including Sampras and Agassi, chose never to use it.

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