Raquets & Equipment

Can YOU control it when the pace picks up? We all know how important it is to control your shot.  But knowing and doing are two totally different animals.


I mean nobody says, “Watch me hit this one 5 feet out and into the stands.” It just happens. And as a result, the point is lost and/or your promising position had disappeared.

The unfortunate truth is, a large number of players are able to hit pretty…


Now if you’re a player who’s just starting out, the very idea of having a close bond or connection with your tennis racket is absurd and perhaps disturbing.

You might think anyone who does that has completely gone to the crazy side of the court… if you know what I mean.

After all, the racket is simply a brainless tool to be used and discarded at a whim, entirely dependent on its owner’s commands, right?

Yes, that’s true, you have total and complete control over where…