Tennis Nutrition to be a muscle bound meat head to play tennis? No.  But you don’t want to be a wet noodle weakling either.  That will not only get you killed out on the court, but you won’t get many dates either :wink: .

Seriously though, you should be somewhere in the middle. …Just strong and solid is where you want to be. And bulking up on your potassium levels can help get you there. Huh? Potassium?


tennis nutrition no gluten novak 2 Tennis Nutrition: No More Gluten For Novak Djokovic!

Novak Djokovic has always been rather talented, but this year he’s blown away all expectations, becoming the top-ranked player in the world.

His routing of Nadal earlier this season only cemented into stone what we already knew about him: He’s …


Sports Nutrition: Beets Can Help You Beat Your Next Opponent

2e2kl89 Sports Nutrition: Beets Can Help You Beat Your Next Opponent

Not too many people are spending much time diving into the element of sports nutrition for the tennis athlete, so I guess I’ll take a stab at it with this tennis lesson.

Why? Because if you don’t have the right …

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Tennis Nutrition: Want To Play Like The Wimbledon Wonders? Add This To Your Diet

tennis nutrition add grapefruit Tennis Nutrition: Want To Play Like The Wimbledon Wonders? Add This To Your DietWouldn’t it be cool to play like the world’s best tennis players, like the ones battling it out at Wimbledon 2011? Well, you can!

Just get in shape! Oh, you are in shape? Really?  Well, let me ask you …

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Tennis Nutrition: Learn How Fish Oil Can Help Bolster Your Endurance In Your Next Tennis Match

tennis nutrition fish oil Tennis Nutrition:  Learn How Fish Oil Can Help Bolster Your Endurance In Your Next Tennis MatchHey guys,

Let me tell you, it’s crucial to have a great ground game (…i.e a fiery forehand and court-shaking serve), but it means absolutely nothing if you can’t last till the final bell tolls.

Oh yeah, out of so …

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Electrolyte Pills: The Quick Way To Reverse The Signs Of Dehydration And Hyponatremia In Your Next Heated Tennis Match“Coach, I know I’m supposed to drink water like propel or some sort of sport’s drink to stay hydrated and so I don’t cramp up, but what if I don’t drink enough or I’m so focused on what’s going on in the match that I forget.

I don’t want to be forced to retire or default the match from dehydration.  But I’ve already waited soooooo long.  What should I do if this happens and I really start to feel sluggish?”

Here’s my answer…

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Sports Nutrition: How Soda Can Increase Stamina And Endurance

sports nutrition tennis baking soda Sports Nutrition: How Soda Can Increase Stamina And EnduranceHow is your sports nutrition as a tennis player?

That reason I ask that question is, because you have to make sure your body is prepared for battle out there on the tennis court.

Why? Well, as a match progresses …

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Learn How Soda Can Help You Outlast Your Next Opponent

How would you like to go through an entire match, without showing any sign of wear and tear, forcing your opponent to deal with your best stuff from racket spin to handshake?

Well, the findings of a new scientific study could be (…and sounds like) an answer to your prayers.

This study says you can eliminate that awful fatigue by adding something that you’ve seen in your bathroom or under your kitchen sink for years…

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Tennis Nutrition: Try A Banana To Increase Your Tennis Stamina heat is one of the most hated things that a tennis player has to deal with from time to time.

And on the hard courts at the US Open, that surface reflects the heat upwards towards the players, making it an average 15 to 20 degrees hotter for the people working the hardest! Add that to the already increased body heat, and you’ve got a horrible problem.

Now though some players (…like Ljubicic) fell victim to the weather’s wrath, some managed to pull out big wins and are still alive in the tournament today, despite it.

So, how were those players able to withstand these wicked weather conditions? What did they do?

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Tennis Fitness: Chocolate Can Increase Your Tennis Recovery

Let me ask you something. Have you ever been in a tournament or exhibition situation where you played a very long, hard-fought match and gave it everything you had…

…Then, you won. But afterward, you felt like you had absolutely nothing left in the tank for the next round or for the next opponent?

I mean your muscles we’re sore you could barely lift the Gatorade bottle, your mind was completely exhausted, and your legs we’re telling you, “NO GO BUDDY.”

Been There?

Yea, you do all that hard work then, BOOM… You’re like “This is how I’m rewarded for my hard work? What a bummer, right?

Well, yea it sucks.  But the answer to reversing this feeling may lie in what you drink in between your matches.

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