Doubles Tennis Tips

Doubles team running back to catch a lobResponding to lobs in doubles can be a tricky game, if you become too passive. Let me explain.

Often times, when a lob has been executed by the opposing team, players will quickly move out of the way, and yell “YOURS” or “THAT’S YOU” to their teammate.

This can slow down your reaction time on both a person level as well as a team one. Why?

Because, your teammate doesn’t…

{ 0 comments } really can make the dream work. Yeah, I know it sounds a little corny, but in tennis, it’s very true.

I can’t stress enough how extremely important it is that you play as a “team” (…and not 2 individual singles players) if you want to win a lot of doubles tennis matches.


Win Tennis Games In Doubles By Going Up The Middle doubles, whether you’re just starting out or on a level like the world renown Bryan twins,  there is a laundry list of strategies and tactics that you *MUST* incorporate into your game if you want to be successful.

And of those, the two most important and necessary components in creating a dominant doubles team are proper positioning and stellar net control…

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Doubles Strategy: Strengthen Your Double’s Game Through Teamwork times, players just play single’s tennis and go for everything that can get their racket on.Why? Because many of us start out playing singles when first learning the game.

But I’ve got new for you. That’s not going to get you on the winning end of things when you have a teammate.

You need to develop a balance and a sharp sense of coordination out there both with your “other half” and within yourself as well. It’s not gong to cut it.

So, instead, you want to adopt a team mindset if you want to…

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Bryan Twins Secret Weapon

If you want to be successful in doubles, there’s one very important element that you absolutely MUST have.  You’ve got to have a highly aggressive man (…or woman) at the net. This means, the one up from has to be ready to “poach” or pouncing when necessary and gobbling up every ball that you can legitimately get your racket on.

Don’t worry, I’m not saying go out there and be aggressive without any tools are tricks up your sleeves. You can actually consider yourself heavily armed with a variety of weapons at your disposal.

Of those, the poach technique is one of the most deadly weapons that the man at the net possesses.  This is a prime example of…

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