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Jerz Janowicz Falling To His Knees During Australian Open Tantrum

Now, to be fair, it can be pretty hard to maintain poise and dignity when you feel like the whole court is against you, especially when you’re on such a big stage.

But that said, you don’t want to look like good ol’ Jerz (…and completely lose it), do you? Of course not. So here’s some tips on how to become the Anti-Janowicz.



Ever been in a match where everything is clicking (forehand, backhand, volleys, serve), and you jump out to a huge lead, but then, before you know it, you suffer a major collapse? You get too relaxed and your opponent comes back and steals the match from you?

I bet you have.  Don’t you hate that?!? Well, this video can help you avoid this feeling.  Check it out inside.

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New Tennis Video Tip Format… (3 Inside)

Hey guys,

Here are some of my first cracks at the new “tennis video tips” format.  Inside are 3 you can check out.  Hope you like them.  Let me know what you think in the comment box.

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Master Your Overhead, Beat The Tennis Pusher

Tennis player hitting overhead smash

Ahhh the tennis pusher…

Yes, we’ve all been there. You’re playing your heart out on the court, but your pushing opponent continues to show you up with moon-ball after moon-ball, and dinky shot after dinky shot, at every turn…

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US Open 2012: Andy Roddick Plays Smart; Knows The Right Time To Lose

Andy Roddick Loses Final Match at 2012 Us Open

When I saw what some would call an unorthodox (…maybe even weird) strategy being executed in the 2012 US Open 4th round match between Andy Roddick and Juan Martin del Potro, I definitely wanted to share it with you guys.

Now, let me ask you something.  How many sets have you lost on purpose this year? I know this probably sounds like a crazy question

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Serena Williams Shows How Relaxation Can Nab You A 4th Round US Open Double Begal; 2 Strategies To Add To Your Game

Serena Williams Smiling After US Open 4th Round Win

Enjoying the US Open 2012 so far? It sure has produced some fireworks, that’s for sure. I wish I was still there for the second week!

Anyway, you guys see that Serena Williams 4th round match? My goodness, she put on a clinic. She taught her opponent so much in just 57 minutes.

Now, of all the great shots the Serena made, you know what Hlavackova, as well as every tennis player watching,  should take away from this match most?

Relaxation and controlling your…

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Sports Psychology: 5 Mental Tennis Strategies To Conquer Crowd-Generated Jitters

This will help you get used to the idea of playing in front of a crowd. If you don’t have too many friends, you can have a buddy use their smart phone to record you playing.

This “serves” (pardon the pun) the same purpose. By all accounts, just get used to the idea of people watching every step you take and every move you make.

So, try out these 5 mental tennis strategies the next time you feel surrounded.  After a short while, you’ll find that the crowd doesn’t faze you hardly as much. Whether they’re cheering you or booing you, your mind will be completely in the game, where it should be.

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Mental Tennis Strategy: Wozniacki, Tsonga, Novak, and Nadal Share Their Thoughts

tennis mind

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga put it best when he said the key to winning a match is being “really, really strong in the head.”

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should return serves with your skull, or replace the forehand with your forehead. What he means is that, when you get to a certain skill…

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Mental Tennis King & Queen – Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams

novak djokovic and serena williams holding trophies

Serena and Djokovic are two masters of the game and already legends in their own right. But they both came so close to defeat.

Sure, Stosur and Fish are extremely talented as well, but let’s face it. Few people thought these matches would be this close.

Was it that Serena and Djokovic weren’t focused on their mental game as much as they should have been early on?

After all, they were clear favorites. And did the…

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Mental Tennis: The Tennis Players Mind Can Be Their Deadliest Enemy

Gatorade Bottle Screaming No Excuses - Mental Tennis

Excuses! Excuses are one of tennis players’ worst enemies.

Yes, though mindless, bodiless and emotionless, these elements are some of the deadliest poisons you can expose your game to. And what’s worse, it’s all self inflicting. Here’s what they sound like…

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