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There’s No Way Around It…No Substitute For It! Why Fed Says So!

Roger Federer Embraces Hard Work!


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Djokovic Plays Smart; Exploits Murray In Australian Open Final Sunday Novak Djokovic reminded us why he’s one of the greatest players to ever play the game after routing Andy Murray to win the Australian Open yet again.

This wasn’t terribly surprising, though, because Novak is an absolute master at Melbourne.

Of the six Grand Slams he’s won, four of them have been in the land of Kangaroos and Paul Hogan.

He’s been undefeated in…

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5 Ways You & Brian Baker Can Triumph Tennis Injuries

Brian Baker Battling Through Australian Open DifficultyWhen you’re on the court, you’ve got a clear-cut enemy who you have to topple. But when you’re sitting in your room recovering from an injury, the only real threat to your tennis game is YOU.

So, how do we deal with these tennis injuries and keep them from getting us bent out of shape? It all comes down to the one thing that great tennis players can always master: The mind game.

Here’s what you want to do…

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3 Ways Jerzy Janowicz Could’ve Prevented His Tennis Tantrum At Australian Open 2013

Jerz Janowicz Falling To His Knees During Australian Open Tantrum

Now, to be fair, it can be pretty hard to maintain poise and dignity when you feel like the whole court is against you, especially when you’re on such a big stage.

But that said, you don’t want to look like good ol’ Jerz (…and completely lose it), do you? Of course not. So here’s some tips on how to become the Anti-Janowicz.


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Mental Tennis: Stay Focused & Keep Forehands Firing, Despite Huge Lead

Ever been in a match where everything is clicking (forehand, backhand, volleys, serve), and you jump out to a huge lead, but then, before you know it, you suffer a major collapse? You get too relaxed and your opponent comes back and steals the match from you?

I bet you have.  Don’t you hate that?!? Well, this video can help you avoid this feeling.  Check it out inside.

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New Tennis Video Tip Format… (3 Inside)

Hey guys,

Here are some of my first cracks at the new “tennis video tips” format.  Inside are 3 you can check out.  Hope you like them.  Let me know what you think in the comment box.

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Master Your Overhead, Beat The Tennis Pusher

Tennis player hitting overhead smash

Ahhh the tennis pusher…

Yes, we’ve all been there. You’re playing your heart out on the court, but your pushing opponent continues to show you up with moon-ball after moon-ball, and dinky shot after dinky shot, at every turn…

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US Open 2012: Andy Roddick Plays Smart; Knows The Right Time To Lose

Andy Roddick Loses Final Match at 2012 Us Open

When I saw what some would call an unorthodox (…maybe even weird) strategy being executed in the 2012 US Open 4th round match between Andy Roddick and Juan Martin del Potro, I definitely wanted to share it with you guys.

Now, let me ask you something.  How many sets have you lost on purpose this year? I know this probably sounds like a crazy question

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Serena Williams Shows How Relaxation Can Nab You A 4th Round US Open Double Begal; 2 Strategies To Add To Your Game

Serena Williams Smiling After US Open 4th Round Win

Enjoying the US Open 2012 so far? It sure has produced some fireworks, that’s for sure. I wish I was still there for the second week!

Anyway, you guys see that Serena Williams 4th round match? My goodness, she put on a clinic. She taught her opponent so much in just 57 minutes.

Now, of all the great shots the Serena made, you know what Hlavackova, as well as every tennis player watching,  should take away from this match most?

Relaxation and controlling your…

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