Serve Tips after running an absolute clinic in his final two rounds of the Australian Open, taking down both Roger Federer and Andy Murray back to back, Novak didn’t stop teaching.

Now though he has had a few of what some would call controversial post-match interviews in the past, he was very relaxed in this one and actually gave some pretty valuable advice that all serious players like you will benefit from…

{ 7 comments } fact, the ability to add pace, power, or velocity to this shot can really improve your tennis game in 3 very dynamic ways.


1. Decreases your opponent’s response time and ability to get ready.

2. Allows you to start off the point on the offense and in the drivers seat.

3. Gives you the opportunity to change speeds and alter the tempo of both the game as well as the match to keep your opponent on his heals.

But why do players have such a hard time creating it? Find out inside…


Tennis Volley: Force Your Opponent To Feed You Easy Forehand Volleys your tennis game, you have your favorite shots and your shots that you would rather not be hitting.

That said, wouldn’t it be great if every player we faced could find it in their heart to hit us those shots we’re most comfortable with – and do it over and over and over again?

This is a real possibility.  You actually have a lot of say in what shots your opponent hits to you…

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Extend For More Tennis Serve Power And 30% More Consistency – Course Update

Quick question — When you go up to serve, are you worried that your opponent is going to crush it  and shove it back down your throat because you can’t seem to put anything behind it?

If so, I bet you’re literally craving for a way to add a little extra juice so your opponent can’t immediately push you back on your heals and possibly even win the point outright on his return.

Well, here’s a quick tip that’ll help you serve with a lot more power, 30% more consistency, and, boost your confidence all at the same time.

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Tennis Drills: Very Popular Drill Reason For Tennis Serve Decline! serve is one of the most important (..if not the most important) shot you have at your disposal.

It has the power to dictate the tempo of each point, boost your confidence level, and put fear in the hearts of your opponent.

You might say, then “Why MOST and NOT all?”  Because there are some exceptions.  Many players say that this saying is completely bogus and complain that (…when playing a match),  they…

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How Francesca Schiavone “Really’” Won The 2010 French Open! Stosur…

In this 2010 French Open tournament, she rolled over Jankovic, roared back against Justine Henin, and stuck to a winning plan when she played the almost unbeatable Serena Williams – all former world #1s, essentially back to back to back.

And… went into the final as the overwhelming favorite. But… lost to a 17th seed girl by the name of Franseca Schiavone.

How did this happen? How could this happen? How did she manage to defy the 1 to 120 odds of winning this unbelievable tournament in Paris?

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Melanie Oudin’s Key To Winning Is To Keep Fighting! the first set is not always the deciding factor on whether you’ll be able to win or lose a match. Don’t get me wrong, getting out the gate fast and with a great start can heftily improve your chances at getting the victory.

But it’s definitely not the be all and end all if you drop the first set. We saw a tremendous example of that in a historic performance by 17 year old “Little Miss Upset” – Melanie Oudin against 13th seed Nadia Petrova.

I mean, despite being literally dismantled from every angle and losing her first set by a score of 6-1, she didn’t let that take her out of her game or throw her off course.  Instead…

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Serve Rituals Are For Winners!

You need to develop a ritual. And by ritual, I mean a series of mannerisms or body movements that you do EVERY single time you step up to the service line.

It’s been proven to dynamically boost consistency of performance in the sports world for ages.

You see it in basketball when players are at the free-throw line, when the quarterback is getting ready to hit his receiver for a touchdown, and in baseball right before a strike out. Why? It works! And it’s the same for tennis.

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Superior Serving Strategy 101 serve is one of the most important, if not the most important shot, in the entire game of tennis. It’s a tremendous factor in determining the tempo over the course of the match.

When you fail to hold your serve, you place yourself under a lot more pressure and it becomes much more difficult to win the match. That’s why this one concept is so important.

Yes, I see players with beautiful “looking” serves that go in. But to be honest with you, those same players aren’t the ones winning on a consistent basis. And the reason why a lot of players find it difficult to hold their serve consistently is because…

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