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The tennis volley is one of the most powerful weapons you have as a tennis player.

But that weapon used to destroy your opponent can easily be transformed into something you use to commit strategic suicide, if you’re not careful.

How so? By taking your racquet back too far, that’s how.  Sound like someone you know ;) ?

If so, you’re probably doing this, with hopes of gaining more velocity…


Many players think that rain is another word for “tennis stop sign.” You know, all improvement of your game must stop just because it gets a little damp out.

Well, not true. You may very well not be able to run around the court smacking tennis balls, but your tennis training doesn’t have to be put on hold when it starts to pour.

Here’s how…


Mental Toughness: Rafael Nadal And Pete Sampras Defeat Pressure you’re out on the tennis court, you’re always going to be doing one of two things:

1. Going Deep: Grooving something (…that already works well) deeper into your game,  so it becomes more second nature to you (…whether it be from an exhibition match, scrimmage and/or drills).


2. Going Wide: Expanding your game by adding something new that you hope will enhance or strengthen it (… i.e a new concept your coach told you or a new strategy you may have picked up on from watching some of the pros on tour).

Now with option one, there is rarely a problem. Most of the time, it’s when you’re operating under the second category where we as players can make a very detrimental mistake…

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Learn How Soda Can Help You Outlast Your Next Opponent

How would you like to go through an entire match, without showing any sign of wear and tear, forcing your opponent to deal with your best stuff from racket spin to handshake?

Well, the findings of a new scientific study could be (…and sounds like) an answer to your prayers.

This study says you can eliminate that awful fatigue by adding something that you’ve seen in your bathroom or under your kitchen sink for years…

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Tennis Fitness Tip – 3 Stretching Strategies You’re Sure To See At The 2011 US Open 2010 US Open has finally arrived and it’s already starting to turn into one wild ride, with top-seeded players like Jelena Jankovic and Novak Djokovic almost getting ousted in the first round.  That’s what’s so great about this tournament – anything can

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Struggling With A Tennis Injury Like Tennis Elbow? Try This you have a tournament or a big match coming up and you go down with a minor but nagging injury (…a tweak of the wrist, tennis elbow, soreness in your knees, or even a quirk in your shoulder), you can still exercise and train and be physically ready to go come match time! In fact, you HAVE to!

Your training might have to be revised, depending on your injury, but it’s incredibly important that you continue your strength work and your cardiovascular exercises.

Here are two great ways to keep the motor running on all cylinders during your recovery period:

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Tennis Drills: Very Popular Drill Reason For Tennis Serve Decline! serve is one of the most important (..if not the most important) shot you have at your disposal.

It has the power to dictate the tempo of each point, boost your confidence level, and put fear in the hearts of your opponent.

You might say, then “Why MOST and NOT all?”  Because there are some exceptions.  Many players say that this saying is completely bogus and complain that (…when playing a match),  they…

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TMC Tennis Drill #3 – Tennis Target Practice! you’re a smart player, you never want to just come onto the court “swinging” – hoping that your ball lands in a good spot. That’s not good enough, if you’re serious about your game. True, you can get lucky.

And though luck can definitely be a part of winning, that shouldn’t be the only leg your game and shot-selection have to stand on.

You need to have control over your shots and be able to pin-point your spots on the court with…

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Get 10 Times The Productivity Out Of Every Tennis Practice With Video

Over this weekend (…in between touching up TMCSS 101, getting ready for one of my best friend’s wedding), I had a few extra minutes. So I  thought I’d do something a little different and a little fun.

What I did was, I recently bugged (…tapped into)  the practices of nearly every highly competitive tennis player known to man. It was tricky at first, but it finally worked.

Now, since I couldn’t type out everything from all 1,659,756 players and coaches word for word. I summarized what I saw the most frequently and that was having the most impact.

Check it out…

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Tennis Training Tip: Know Your Tennis Practice And In-Game Limits

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that winners never quit and quitters never win.  Now, for the most part, that’s true.

But there’s a time when quitting during practice can actually translate into BIG Ws on on match day.


A lot of players think that it’s the longer you practice, the better. But the reality is, it’s the smarter you practice, the better your results!

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