Tennis Strokes

Girl getting hit by tennis ballsIf you find yourself directly in the pathway of an incoming ball (…one that looks like it’s been shot out of a rocket),  what do you do? Cry for help? Phone a friend?  Not at all :) .

For starters, you’re going to want to use your backhand to save your butt on this one.

The forehand will not only be ineffective,  but…

{ 0 comments } forehand is supposed to be your money maker – the shot where you gain the offensive momentum and really make your opponent pay for his mistakes.

But more times than not, (…after you’ve hit it) the ball ends up not doing enough damage to your opponent and whizzes back onto your side of the court for a winner.

Sound familiar? I know, it’s a terrible feeling, isn’t it? Want to get rid of it? Of course. The first step in doing so is by figuring out *WHY* this is happening to you in the first place.


4 Keys To Keeping Your Volleys Out Of The Net of our players have stated they’d like to improve and strengthen their volley game.  And that’s pretty smart.

The volley is many tennis player’s favorite (…and at times most lethal) shot. Why? Because it allows them to hurt their opponent in so many ways: (1) to knock their opponent onto their heals, (2) to catch their opponent by surprise by mixing things up…

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Tennis Volley: Force Your Opponent To Feed You Easy Forehand Volleys your tennis game, you have your favorite shots and your shots that you would rather not be hitting.

That said, wouldn’t it be great if every player we faced could find it in their heart to hit us those shots we’re most comfortable with – and do it over and over and over again?

This is a real possibility.  You actually have a lot of say in what shots your opponent hits to you…

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Easily Give Both Your Tennis Forehand and Tennis Backhand More Impact like I stated in my last tip, bringing the aggression when you’re down is an extremely powerful strategy and can be great for pulling you out of a mental hole.

But unloading too much in the wrong situation or going into overload with its usage, is an ill-advised decision and one of today’s players most detrimental mistakes…

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Extend For More Tennis Serve Power And 30% More Consistency – Course Update

Quick question — When you go up to serve, are you worried that your opponent is going to crush it  and shove it back down your throat because you can’t seem to put anything behind it?

If so, I bet you’re literally craving for a way to add a little extra juice so your opponent can’t immediately push you back on your heals and possibly even win the point outright on his return.

Well, here’s a quick tip that’ll help you serve with a lot more power, 30% more consistency, and, boost your confidence all at the same time.

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How Francesca Schiavone “Really’” Won The 2010 French Open! Stosur…

In this 2010 French Open tournament, she rolled over Jankovic, roared back against Justine Henin, and stuck to a winning plan when she played the almost unbeatable Serena Williams – all former world #1s, essentially back to back to back.

And… went into the final as the overwhelming favorite. But… lost to a 17th seed girl by the name of Franseca Schiavone.

How did this happen? How could this happen? How did she manage to defy the 1 to 120 odds of winning this unbelievable tournament in Paris?

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Andy Roddick Strategically Rocks Berdych!

Andy Roddick defeated Tomas Berdych to claim the 2010 Sony Ericsson title in Miami, not by learning to hit harder, but by using a more strategic and tactical approach.

Of the many mental punches Andy gave Berdych throughout their two set rumble over the weekend, there were two main strategic blows that were most responsible  for Tomas taking home the consolation prize instead of the one given to the last man standing…

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Don’t Get Smashed On Your Next Tennis Lob Attempt! of the main causes for your lack of depth and impact resides in your incorrect use of physics. Yea,  you thought you were done with that stuff after 11th grade? Haha, think again.

You see, that’s why your high school teacher was  trying to get you to pay attention in class.

It was for your TENNIS CAREER :) .

You see, what ends up happening a lot of the time is that we hit our lobs so the apex…

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Mental Tennis Training – A Smile Builds Confidence, Wins Tennis Matches

Emotions play a HUGE part in every match we play. And we have to manage them effectively if we wa to emerge victorious. Why? Because it can get us killed if we don’t.

You see, we’re tennis players – true. But we’re human beings first. And in life, we’re creatures that are very “reaction” oriented.

For instance, our mood…

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