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Returning volleys in tennis is a lot like dancing: If you’re bad at it, EVERYBODY can tell.

And, like dancing, most people forget that they have a lower body when they do it. Their hips and feet just kind of dangle down there like jellyfish tentacles…


4 Keys To Keeping Your Volleys Out Of The Net of our players have stated they’d like to improve and strengthen their volley game.  And that’s pretty smart.

The volley is many tennis player’s favorite (…and at times most lethal) shot. Why? Because it allows them to hurt their opponent in so many ways: (1) to knock their opponent onto their heals, (2) to catch their opponent by surprise by mixing things up…

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Tennis Volley: Force Your Opponent To Feed You Easy Forehand Volleys your tennis game, you have your favorite shots and your shots that you would rather not be hitting.

That said, wouldn’t it be great if every player we faced could find it in their heart to hit us those shots we’re most comfortable with – and do it over and over and over again?

This is a real possibility.  You actually have a lot of say in what shots your opponent hits to you…

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How Francesca Schiavone “Really’” Won The 2010 French Open! Stosur…

In this 2010 French Open tournament, she rolled over Jankovic, roared back against Justine Henin, and stuck to a winning plan when she played the almost unbeatable Serena Williams – all former world #1s, essentially back to back to back.

And… went into the final as the overwhelming favorite. But… lost to a 17th seed girl by the name of Franseca Schiavone.

How did this happen? How could this happen? How did she manage to defy the 1 to 120 odds of winning this unbelievable tournament in Paris?

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Flip The Script On Your Fear: Prey On Your Opponent’s Passing Shots! plays a huge part in today’s tennis game.  It’s one of those factors that acts as a big dividing line between the ones with the trophies and the players that just *work hard*. If you can master it, then you win. But if you can’t, oh well, right? That doesn’t sit well with me, but that’s the way it happens a lot of the time.

So, this week we’re going to work on bridging that gap a little bit.   Because frankly,  I  hate it when I see good players like you putting all their smart and hard work into it, and then let their nerves totally ruin their chances at a great win.

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A Perfect Tennis Practice

In tennis, it’s common knowledge that you can’t just show up on match day without any prior preparation and expect to win, at least consistently, right?

I mean, practically everyone who plays tennis knows that practice, even though it can be incredibly tough at times, is one of the most critical aspects at improving your game on a long term basis as well as boosting your winning percentage.

But that being said, only a select few are able to really take advantage of this time and see the real benefit. In fact, the majority of players put in the time, but only enjoy the intense sweat-drenching sensation of a hard workout without any worthwhile results.

And that’s no fun. To be honest, it actually can be quite frustrating. Have you ever felt like this?  You ever feel the

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Volley Strategy: Volley Warriors 101

Being able to play at the net is incredibly important. If you can’t, taking advantage of points that could be easy winners for you will be far and few between.

When you can come to the net and execute efficiently and effectively, you’ll allow yourself to become a multi-dimensional player and a great volley warrior.

Nothing is worse than being “stuck” with only one plan of attack. You’ll quickly become predictable, and predictability is the last attribute you want to be associated with.

In order to establish a proper volley strategy, the #1 thing you should be concerned with is…

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Concrete Confidence For Tennis

Have you played in a high-level tennis match recently?
If so, I’m sure you know that having great confidence when you’re
playing can instantly take your game to a whole new level.

However, the problem is that a lot of people don’t have the ability to keep their confidence at an all-time high for every
single match.

So if you fall into that category (…as does most of the tennis world) and think your confidence could use a huge boost, the mental strategy below may really do the trick.

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How To Defend Against Tennis-Volley Body Shots When You’re At Net!

Ever get struck by a tennis ball traveling at over 100 mph? If not, let me tell you ahead of time. It hurts!

And if you don’t know the correct strategy to defend against a volley that’s aimed directly into your mid-section, you’re bound
to get pegged a few times.

Follow the strategy below to keep this terrible thing from happening during one of YOUR matches…

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