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Many players think that rain is another word for “tennis stop sign.” You know, all improvement of your game must stop just because it gets a little damp out.

Well, not true. You may very well not be able to run around the court smacking tennis balls, but your tennis training doesn’t have to be put on hold when it starts to pour.

Here’s how…


http://www.tennismindcamp.com/images/tennis-ball-break_5dec.jpgWhen you’re out on the tennis court, you’re always going to be doing one of two things:

1. Going Deep: Grooving something (…that already works well) deeper into your game,  so it becomes more second nature to you (…whether it be from an exhibition match, scrimmage and/or drills).


2. Going Wide: Expanding your game by adding something new that you hope will enhance or strengthen it (… i.e a new concept your coach told you or a new strategy you may have picked up on from watching some of the pros on tour).

Now with option one, there is rarely a problem. Most of the time, it’s when you’re operating under the second category where we as players can make a very detrimental mistake…


Learn How Soda Can Help You Outlast Your Next Opponent


How would you like to go through an entire match, without showing any sign of wear and tear, forcing your opponent to deal with your best stuff from racket spin to handshake?

Well, the findings of a new scientific study could be (…and sounds like) an answer to your prayers.

This study says you can eliminate that awful fatigue by adding something that you’ve seen in your bathroom or under your kitchen sink for years…

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The Perfect Way To Punish A Pusher!

Why are the pushers so successful?

It’s easy. They’re on the attack! No, they’re not attacking you with powerful strokes, but they’re penetrating into your game plan, the spot where you’re the most comfortable.

They know you love balls that have nice pace so you can find your rhythm, but they’re not giving you any of them.

So, what do you do? Attack them back! Hey, it’s the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It’s only fair…

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Tennis Tip Of The Week: Patience For A Tennis Pusher

I just came from a tennis match that a good friend of mine was involved in. It was some pretty exciting tennis, but her
opponent was one of those types of players that make so many of us cringe. Oh yes, she was a PUSHER!

It was hard to watch my friend run around like a rag doll out there. I mean, she was trying to use her solid ground strokes
to overpower “the pusher” but nothing was working. It looked so incredibly frustrating. And it is, trust me.

So after seeing this match and reliving quite painful memories :) , I felt compelled to address this issue with you so you could
avoid a major headache.

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Mental Tennis Tip: Use Your Tennis Mind To Avoid Giving Up A Big Lead!

When you find yourself on the brink of winning the set, and the score is 5 – 2 or something of that nature, a lot of players find themselves tensing up and a lot of times get extremely nervous.

This usually results in the loss of their competitive edge and makes it very difficult to finish out the set properly.

Does that ever happen to you?

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Concrete Confidence For Tennis

Have you played in a high-level tennis match recently?
If so, I’m sure you know that having great confidence when you’re
playing can instantly take your game to a whole new level.

However, the problem is that a lot of people don’t have the ability to keep their confidence at an all-time high for every
single match.

So if you fall into that category (…as does most of the tennis world) and think your confidence could use a huge boost, the mental strategy below may really do the trick.

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How To Defend Against Tennis-Volley Body Shots When You’re At Net!

Ever get struck by a tennis ball traveling at over 100 mph? If not, let me tell you ahead of time. It hurts!

And if you don’t know the correct strategy to defend against a volley that’s aimed directly into your mid-section, you’re bound
to get pegged a few times.

Follow the strategy below to keep this terrible thing from happening during one of YOUR matches…

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Tennis Stance and Positioning – Be Ready!

I’ve noticed that a lot of players overlook one very important concept that’s absolutely crucial to succeeding at any level.

I’m talking about that moment or split second right before you strike the ball, the prep-time.

What you do to get ready in advance will put you in a greater position to get the absolute most out of that upcoming stroke.

Not being in the correct position ahead of time will cause you to rush and do things quicker than you’d like…

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Playing Sets In Tennis Practice Eases Pressure

Have you ever been frustrated because you have excellent practice sessions but perform poorly when it really counts – in match play?


If all you do is rally during your practice sessions, you’re going to get too comfortable. I mean, just hitting the ball back and forth with nothing to lose isn’t going to adequately prepare you for a real match environment.


The main difference between practice and a tournament match is…

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