Have Fun With Your Deceptive Drop Shot

by Head Coach

djokovic missed drop shot Have Fun With Your Deceptive Drop Shot

When I say the words drop shot, what comes to mind?

Well, when I think of the infamous drop shot, I see one of the sneakiest and most effective tools in a tennis players arsenal.

If used properly, you can render your opponent powerless.  No matter how hard he (…or she) tries to retrieve this often unexpected shot, it will many times,  result with a point won and an opponent scrambled, and in shock.

But this is easier said than done, I know. Too much power on your drop shot will cause it to travel too deeply into the court, making the strategy backfire, giving your opponent an opportunity for an easy put-away.

Yeah, you also run the risk of the ball bouncing too high, (…and again) this allows your opponent to stomp you with a powerful return.

The key to hitting a great drop shot  is to maintain a very light, feathery touch when making contact with your intended target, the ball. Finesse is very important here.

Now, if you can manage to get off a solid drop shot, don’t just stop there. The tormenting and surprising of your opponent needs to continue.

Hey, all is fair when you’re in between those lines. That’s the mentality you want to have.  You want to make things as hard on him as possible. You can be courteous and shake hands AFTER the match.

That said, don’t stop after the appetizer. Go ahead and whip out a combination plate for your opponent.  I’d like you to take it a step further and deliver the ever-mighty drop and lob combo.  This, without a doubt, will cause ten times as much damage.

How to Execute The Drop Shot & Lob Combo Recipe:

1.   Confirm Distance: When you’ve got an easy shot coming toward you (…and your opponent is in an inferior or defensive position, make sure that you’re at least eight feet inside your baseline.

2.   Lure: Next, tease your opponent with a relatively retrievable drop shot.

3.  Observe: When they approach the ball and are forced to scoop it back to you, they’ll be in an even more inferior and defensive position, not to mention a little winded.

4.  Analyze: Many times, the player is simply content on making contact with the ball, and he’ll subconsciously want to remain put.  The hard panting from being out of breath will often result in his (..or her) heals momentarily being plastered to the court surface.

5.  Execute: Here’s where you strike!  After being lulled into a sense of false security (…thinking that their reason to move is over), lob the ball over their head and behind them. NOTE: Don’t try to go for the line, about 3 to 3.5 feet inside it is fine. If you attempt to be too precise, it may come back to bite you. And you may hear the word, OUT!

6.   REPEAT: Lastly, you want to repeat this process until they are completely out of gas, tongues hanging, and holding two fingers in the air, begging in submission (…like the late Andy Whitfield in Spartacus: Blood and Sand). If you keep them running around like this, they’ll collapse faster than a house of cards in an earthquake.

If you try to pass them, you’ve just let them off easy. They’ll regroup for the next point, and (…in a minute or two) they’ll be pretty resolved.  You want to look at the big picture here.

By expanding the punishment, your opponent will be forced to expel much more energy, and you’ll be going against his or her B, C (…or even D) game a lot quicker than previously anticipated.

Then, you’ll be on easy street, they’ll barely be able to get to your shots.  And if they do manage to get there, the shots generated will be nothing of note or anything that should threaten you.

You’ll essentially be a puppet-master pulling the strings, while grinning from ear to ear.

Yeah, unlike those pop quizzes you took in grade school, C’s are better for you than a’s in this case. icon smile Have Fun With Your Deceptive Drop Shot So, play the little game called “Run Them Ragged” or “Tennis Meets Track.” Just lob and drop, lob and drop, until your heart’s content, or until they cramp up.

Your opponent’s stamina or “LEGS” are, many times, more crucial than anything else in the game. Because if they have all the right stuff, but they can’t get there in time to execute it, it’s pointless!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only attempt the drop shot if you’re close enough to do it right. If your enemy is pinning you back, beyond the baseline, wait him or her out. Only unleash your secret weapon when you’re closer to the net than your opponent.

Lesson in Deception On Your Drop Shot:

Try this out.  Give your opponent the old bait and switch.  Fool them  into thinking that you’re about to perform an aggressive approach shot. You do that by slightly exaggerating your back swing.

This will cause them to double back, readying for a powerful return. But then, in a stunning decoy, you send forth your drop shot, boggling the mind of your poor combatant. By the time he recognizes what you’ve done, he will have lost a crucial step, making a reply almost impossible.

Your opponent will be frustrated beyond belief. Easy point for you!

For more tennis tips, tricks, and strategies, visit this page

Have a great day and an even better game,


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I like your ideas, I have difficulty in executing a good drop shot…to me a good drop shot goes backwards what am I doing wrong



Hi Brian,

I played my first match after looking at some of your tips. The result turned out great. I won 6-3 against a player of very good standard. Special mention to your drop and lob tip which got my opponent really frustrated as well as exhausted.

Thanks a lot,

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