Sports Nutrition: How Soda Can Increase Stamina And Endurance

by Head Coach

sports nutrition tennis baking soda Sports Nutrition: How Soda Can Increase Stamina And EnduranceHow is your sports nutrition as a tennis player?

That reason I ask that question is, because you have to make sure your body is prepared for battle out there on the tennis court.

Why? Well, as a match progresses and more energy is used, you’re going to tire. Right? As you hit more shots, and as you’re forced to run more balls down…

Your technique will start to decline… Your footwork will begin to go and your focus will begin to fade as well.

And it doesn’t matter how good a player you are… We all have to deal with it.  That’s just mother nature for ya.

Yeah, it really is frustrating when you’ve got a grade A game and can only show it a fraction of the time (..before the match really gets going) because of player fatigue.

Bummer, right? Yeah,  but listen…

How would you like to defy nature?

How would you like to go through an entire match, without showing any sign of wear and tear, forcing your opponent to deal with your best stuff from racket spin to handshake?

Well, the findings of a new scientific study sounds like an answer to your prayers icon smile Sports Nutrition: How Soda Can Increase Stamina And Endurance .  There is brand new sports nutrition research that says you can eliminate that awful fatigue and its negative side effects by adding something to your pre-match regimen that you’ve seen in your bathroom or under your kitchen sink – well forever.

I’m talking about Baking soda!

Chen-Kang Chang from the National Taiwan College of Physical Education recently conducted a study that suggests that by adding a little sodium bicarbonate ( baking soda) to your pre-match beverage, it could really help you last longer and keep your engine running like a fresh Ferrari testarosa until the final point .

He says that if taken on the morning of your next tennis match, you and other tennis players alike will be able to eliminate many of the side-effects that we endure when fatigue sets in (…dry mouth, weak knees, fading technique, etc), allowing us to play at an optimum level from racket spin to handshake.

How’d they do it?

Sports Nutrition Study: The Execution

Nine tennis players were selected and given a drink. Of those nine, some were given a small sample of baking soda with their beverage, while the others were given a placebo.

Next, all were asked to go through a series of activities whereby the researchers would be able to analyze and test the playing ability each group of players (…control on ground strokes and volleys, serve accuracy and consistency and court movement etc.)

They did this once before and another immediately after participating in simulated match play.

Then, they checked out the results!

Sports Nutrition Study: Conclusion And Results

What exactly did Dr. Chang and his team find?

“We found that sodium bicarbonate supplementation can prevent the fatigue-induced decline in skilled tennis performance seen during matches,” Chang said.

Scientifically speaking, it positively changed the acid-base ratio in the blood by decreasing lactic acid levels, which are commonly attributed to and associated with fatigue.

What does this really mean?

“The service and forehand ground stroke consistency was maintained after a simulated match in the bicarbonate trial. On the other hand, these consistency scores were decreased after the match in the placebo trial,” he said.

So there you have it. It’s pretty simple.  Dabbing into your household box of baking soda before you take the court may really improve your tennis game and your ability to perform over long stretches.

But be careful, this wonderful discovery does come with a small warning label.  You want to make sure you don’t take too much of this stuff, because (…if you do)  it can cause your potassium levels (…which fight dehydration) to dip.  This can cause abdominal cramping, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Now hey, if you’re still a little weary about your “arm&hammer,” I got another sports nutrition tip for you.

Break out the Ovaltine.  Drinking chocolate milk also has been proven to refuel fatigued muscles – without any possible side effects.

Have a great day and an even better game!

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