Tennis Tip Of The Week: Patience For A Tennis Pusher

by Head Coach

tennis patience meditation Tennis Tip Of The Week: Patience For A Tennis PusherTennis Tip of The Week: Patience For A Tennis Pusher!

I just came from a tennis match that a good friend of mine was involved in. It was some pretty exciting tennis, but her opponent was one of those types of players that make so many of us cringe. Oh yes, she was a TENNIS PUSHER!

It was hard to watch my friend run around like a rag doll out there. I mean, she was trying to use her solid ground strokes to overpower “the pusher” but nothing was working. It looked so incredibly frustrating. And it is, trust me.

I had the same problem with these types of players early on too. I would go through hard practices every day, and beat the players with hard shots, but the ones who simply acted as a human backboard literally gave me fits.

So after seeing this match and reliving quite painful memories icon smile Tennis Tip Of The Week: Patience For A Tennis Pusher , I felt compelled to address this issue with you so you could avoid a major headache.


What I’ve found over playing so many matches is that you MUST have patience if you want to defeat a tennis pusher.

You see, many of us tend to get overly anxious and overload the pace on our shots (…hitting them a foot long or wide), because we want to get out of those pusher-points asap.

And I don’t blame you, but this is exactly what your opponent wants to happen. We do this because they challenge us emotionally, because they’re always making us hit one more shot.

But if you think about it, this shouldn’t really bother you. Why? They have no real weapons to hurt you. They’re not going to rip a forehand out wide or crush a volley down the line.

So, all you have to do is relax yourself. Just breathe and slow things down. When you’re trying to hurry, you tend to do things uncharacteristic of your game plan.

Instead, put the thought in your mind, that you are going to be there as long as it takes to win. Take it one shot at a time. Have the mindset that you’re going to be there as long as it takes.

So, if the tennis pusher or “retriever” want to be out there all day, you’ve got the time. Don’t let his unorthodox technique bother you or get you rattled.

If you can stay calm the whole way through, you having to hit that extra shot won’t make you lose your cool.

Tennis Pusher Video Version Below:


Ok.  Other than moving on to the next round, where you you have to be? Nowhere. That’s the approach you want to have.

Adopt this type of mindset, then you, like many of the top pros out there, will be able to look at the “pusher” or “retriever” (…at the pro level) game as just another style of play you can conquer.

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Have a good day, and an even better game!

All the best,

Brian Hall, Head Coach
Tennis Mind Camp

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Thank you very much Brian! Good advice, I have a tourney this weekend, hope I got a pusher!


This tip is really working! I just played this week a practice game with my friend, who is more experienced than me.

I decided to be cool and relaxed, and I could return almost every shot! I even made him struggle around the court with some of my shots!

Please continue to send me your pro lessons!


Thanks for the great tips!


Great tip for pushers! Tennis is more mental than strength! A big example of that is Martina Hingis,she was able to win Lindsay Davenport..who is by far bigger and stronger than her! but by using her mental strength and technique, she was able to win grand slams.

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