Patrick Rafter’s Tennis Volley Game Extinct?

by Head Coach

patrick rafter hitting tennis volley Patrick Rafters Tennis Volley Game Extinct?Has the Patrick Rafters a.k.a tennis volley hunters gone instinct? To a lot of players, the answer is an resounding yes. They say it died out when the great Patrick Rafter ended his career years ago.

With so many of today’s tennis athletes strengthening their power game from the baseline, it’s no wonder why so many of believe that it would be crazy to rush the net nowadays.

Why? Because the thought of incessantly getting passed by blistering fast forehands and backhands isn’t exactly high on too many players list. Nor are they exuberantly excited about receiving a big black and blue welt on the thigh or forearm either. …Call it a hunch. icon wink Patrick Rafters Tennis Volley Game Extinct?

Those are two pretty unwanted results, true.  But if you’re a tennis volley warrior out there and know what you’re doing out there, you have nothing to fear.

The truth is, rushing the net is still a tremendous tennis strategy that you can use to knock your opponent onto their heels.  You just have to have the proper approach. Screw that up, and your tennis volleying experience will very likely fall to pieces.

Just make sure you don’t make one of the biggest and most common mistakes we tennis players committed by tennis players around the world, and you’ll do just fine icon wink Patrick Rafters Tennis Volley Game Extinct? .

What mistake? See below.

What Can Cripple Your Chances of Becoming A True Tennis Volley Warrior

MISTAKE: A lot of times, the problem rests in the follow-through of the tennis volley. If you look out onto the practice (…and tournament) courts across the country, you’ll see a large percentage like to finish off their follow-through by wrapping their arms around their necks like they’re attempting to hug themselves.

Don’t do that! Unless it’s Valentine’s day, and your significant other has come to visit or you somehow found out that you’ve won the mega power ball lottery, no hugging allowed. Not on your approach shot, that is.

Why? That literally kills your entire tactical maneuver.

THE GRAVITY EFFECT: By doing this, you severely affect your center of gravity, causing it to shift backward and behind your front foot.

Not good.  You want to propel yourself as far forward as possible. This forces you to do the exact opposite. Studies suggest that you can cause your court-coverage to decrease by a whopping 8 feet – AT LEAST!

Wow is right! That’s more than an entire Yao Ming (…7 foot 5in) of the Houston Rockets, one of the tallest players ever to hold a basketball. So yeah, that’s a lot of court!

Unfortunately, this will have you executing your first tennis volley behind the service line (…in NO MANS LAND), putting yourself in an inferior strategic or tactical position.

SOLUTION To Having A Tennis Volley Game Like Patrick Rafter:

It’s simple. The closer you can get yourself to the net when executing your set up volley, the better. So, shorten your follow through and keep it out in front of your body.

Do that, and you’ll fix your center of gravity dilemma, you’ll cover a lot more ground (…IMPORTANT) and you’ll be much more likely to win the point… and the match!

So yeah, the Patrick Rafter style of tennis hasn’t gone extinct. It’s just dormant.  Try giving it a wake-up call next time you’ve got the urge to come in and follow-up a great offensive shot, and let me know how it goes.

For more tennis volley tips, tricks, and strategies, visit this page. And for more kick butt tips on tennis volley strategy, click here.

Have a great day, and an even better game!


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