Serena In, Clijsters Out of Wimbledon 2011

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kim clijsters unicef Serena In, Clijsters Out of Wimbledon 2011

Ugggh… Why can’t womens tennis keep its stars shining all at the same time?

I mean, the ever so dominant Serena Williams is back from multiple health concerns and months of rehab (…great news), then no less then a couple days afterwards, we get word that Kim has gone down (…horrible news).

Kim Clijsters often times looks unbeatable on the tennis court, but the opponent that has caused her the most problems, is the injury bug. And unfortunately, it has struck again.

The former US Open and Australian Open Champion, has been forced to withdraw from the Wimbledon 2011 tournament at the All-England Club, after sustaining an injury to her foot.

Tennis Injury Of Foot Gives Clijsters the boot out of Wimbledon 2011:

When the official seedings were revealed earlier Wednesday, Clijsters had locked in a pretty solid spot at #2, but now that positioning in the Wimbledon draw will have to be reassigned.

She had injured it before, but the latest unfortunate incident happened in a 7-6 (5), 6-3 loss to Romina Oprandi in the Netherlands.

When asked about how she would handle the tennis injury, she replied by saying, “I have no other choice now but to rest, recover and to not play tennis for a few weeks.”

…No doubt something that is going to be extremely tough for her. Get better soon Kim… For tennis tip, tennis lessons, and tennis strategies, click here


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