Serena Williams Back From Injury, Ready To Defend Her Wimbledon Crown

by Head Coach

serena back for wimbledon 1 Serena Williams Back From Injury, Ready To Defend Her Wimbledon CrownGreat news from Serena and for womens tennis!

Miss Serena Williams recently released a statement signed off by her agent that should bring joy to tennis fans around the world. This is what she said…

“I am so excited to be healthy enough to compete again. These past 12 months have been extremely tough and character building. I have so much to be grateful for.

I’m thankful to my family, friends, and fans for all of their support. Serena’s back!”

It’s Been A struggle For Miss Serena Williams, But She’ll Be Ready To Fight

Oh yes, after being forced to take nearly a year off from the game after suffering a nasty foot injury, being diagnosed with blood clots in her lung, and going through a series of treatment for a hematoma, sources now say that the fiery Serena Williams is injury-free and ready for battle!

That’s right, she’s completely healed and will be 100% ready to roar and defend her Wimbledon crown this June.

You see, if you *REALLY* want it, you’ve got to fight – you’ll have to stop at nothing to reach the finish line. And not just when times are good either.

The mark of a true champion isn’t just for when you’re up, it’s even more crucial when you’re down. And she’s right, it does build character. And it makes you a heck of lot stronger and magnifies your mental toughness exponentially.

Think about that the next time you get down because you’ve got a another minor but nagging injury. Pull through it.

It may take a while, it may not. But one thing is for certain, you’ll come back stronger than ever (…with an even more intensified hunger) like SW.

Ok, enough lecture icon wink Serena Williams Back From Injury, Ready To Defend Her Wimbledon Crown

Womens Tennis Is Excited For Serena Williams is Excited, So Am I!

Now, I’m excited! It’s felt like forever since we’ve seen Serena Williams play. It should definitely make this year’s Wimbledon 2011 tournament a whole lot more fun. …Well maybe not so much for her potential opponents in womens tennis.

Great to have you back Serena, the game missed ya!


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