Sharapova’s Serve Costs Her 2011 Wimbledon Title Against Petra Kvitová

by Head Coach

sharapova loses wimbledon to Petra Kvitova Sharapovas Serve Costs Her 2011 Wimbledon Title Against Petra Kvitová Maria Sharapova, that paragon of power and style, failed to claim a Wimbledon title in this year’s final, much to the chagrin of Sharapova and whatever watch company or sports drink she’s sponsored by at the moment.

Instead, the championship went to Sharapova‘s rival countrywoman, Petra Kvitova. It was a close match, though, filled with exciting shots, thrilling serves, and a whole lot of Russian grunting.

Main Reason For Sharapova Losing At Wimbledon… ERRORS!

The key to Sharapova’s downfall had as much to do with Kvitova’s superior skill as it did Maria’s inability to deliver at the service line. She netted six double-faults, at one point double-faulting three times in a row.

But you see, Sharapova is known for double-faulting. I mean, as far as I’m concerned, she was lucky to even make it to the final game. Why?

The championship round was the only place Sharapova experiences awful serving woes. In the semi-finals, she advanced, despite having 13 double-faults. One can only wonder how stunning Sharapova would be if she improved her serve game.

The first set was pretty tragic, with Kvitova taking it 6-3, but the second set actually looked like Maria might be coming back. It was 2-2 for a moment, with Petra taking it to 3-2, and then Sharapova tying it up again.

But victory was not in the stars for the (other) hot Russian and, alas, victory was not in the cards for Maria. But to her credit, Sharapova had been nursing a wonky shoulder that had required surgery in late 2008.

Though She Lost At Wimbledon, Sharapova Continues to Get Better:

Since then, Sharapova has been steadily bringing her game back to championship levels, with this being her first final since the shoulder surgery. Could this explain her paltry performance at the serve line?

Either way, Sharapova did not win Wimbledon and she is just going to have to “Kvitova it” (get over it). icon wink Sharapovas Serve Costs Her 2011 Wimbledon Title Against Petra Kvitová

Have a great day and an even better game!


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