Stomp Your Foot To Punish Your Volleys And Your Next Opponent

by Head Coach

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Returning volleys in tennis is a lot like dancing: If you’re bad at it, EVERYBODY can tell.

And, like dancing, most people forget that they have a lower body when they do it.

Their hips and feet just kind of dangle down there like jellyfish tentacles.

Big mistake! Jellyfish are weak, and if you return a volley like a jellyfish you’ll get eaten by a shark.

So, don’t let your opponent eat you alive in your next tennis match.  Don’t use only 50% of your possible firepower.  Use all of it!

By including your lower body into the equation, your volleys will pack much more massive of a punch – guaranteed! And you’ll immensely improve your chances of getting the win.  Here’s how to do it.

The next time  forehand or backhand volleys come your way,  stomp your front foot as you make contact (…not like you want to break the cement, just use your momentum).


1.Front Only: Stomping the back foot won’t do you any good on your volleys, except make you look like a raging bull about to charge or make you look like you’re signaling the crowd that you have to go to the bathroom.

2. Vertical Only Won’t Cut It: Don’t just lift your foot vertically on your volleys either, straight up and down, like you’re the quarterback (…like Philip Rivers or Cam Newton) getting ready to call a play.  That will force you to absorb too much force and will decrease your shot’s effectiveness.

So, you want to make sure to step into the volley as you connect with the incoming ball.

This will not only greatly improve your eye to racquet to ball coordination along with your timing, it’ll produce more impact into your return.

The added velocity generated from your shoulder and hips will transfer into the ball, turning it into a lightning fast orb of energy; like Sonic the Hedgehog after chugging three Red Bulls.

Now, it isn’t a piece of cake right away.  It does take practice to train your body to make a slight shoulder turn, remember to step forward with your front foot, and stomp down with force (…properly at least). But it’s very doable through repetition.


One thing you have to remember is you want to reverse the foot you stomp with when returning with a backhand. You then want to lead with the right foot in that case.

How are we supposed to remember all this when a fuzzy green  blur is rocketing towards us? The simple answer? You just do.

Like riding a bicycle, it gets to be second nature the more you do it.  And, also like riding a unicycle, remember not to swing back too much icon wink Stomp Your Foot To Punish Your Volleys And Your Next Opponent . …Otherwise you’ll fall over backwards and hurt yourself!

Have a great day and an even better game guys! For more tennis tips to help improve your volleys, visit this page.



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