Tennis Nutrition: Learn How Fish Oil Can Help Bolster Your Endurance In Your Next Tennis Match

by Head Coach

tennis nutrition fish oil Tennis Nutrition:  Learn How Fish Oil Can Help Bolster Your Endurance In Your Next Tennis MatchHey guys,

Let me tell you, it’s crucial to have a great ground game (…i.e a fiery forehand and court-shaking serve), but it means absolutely nothing if you can’t last till the final bell tolls.

Oh yeah, out of so many contributing factors, stamina and endurance play an enormous role in your achieving on-court success.

Because if you have great strokes but can’t even muster up the energy to execute them, they’re more worthless than an empty water bottle on a summer day in Las Vegas or a Cleveland Cavalier Lebron jersey after he’s left town (…joking).

That said, I’ve got a way that can help send you soaring over the hump and into a great second wind. How? You’re going to eat your way there. Eat?

Yeah. You see, there are four fantastic fuel foods that are said to give amazing health and performance benefits to tennis players everywhere. In this week’s tip, we’re going go over number 1, the one that might be the most powerful of the 4, fish oil.

Tennis Nutrition: The Benefits of Fish Oil

According to researchers, fish oil is said to give your body what it needs that’ll help you to perform at a high level from the first game well into the final set tiebreak.  Why? Let me explain:

The body thrives on oxygen – a glaringly obvious aspect to some icon wink Tennis Nutrition:  Learn How Fish Oil Can Help Bolster Your Endurance In Your Next Tennis Match . But see, this shouldn’t be taken litely.

The more oxygen that circulates through your body, the easier everything becomes – you move better on the court from your muscles being more relaxed (…which can also minimize a tennis injury)…

…The execution of your shots is a lot more fluid, and it can even decrease your anxiety in those pivotal pressure-filled moments in a match (…it quiets your mind).

The problem and unfortunate truth about all of this is that the longer we play, the more fatigued and tired we become as players.

And when that happens, we often times lose a few steps so to speak. Now, one of the key reasons why this happens is that it becomes much more difficult to maintain a healthy and steady oxygen flow to the lungs.

Hence, this is why it becomes harder to catch our breath after a lengthy point or rally, and why cramping occurs so much more often. Your body will start to breakdown, tense up, and CRAMP if it isn’t getting enough O-X-Y-G-E-N!

And that’s why this fishy energy element from the sea is so beneficial. Studies are now showing that with the omega 3s  found in fish oil are good for more than just the increase of brain power and elevated mood (…which are both tremendous).

Science is now suggesting that when fish oil is integrated into your heart and other muscle membranes of your body, it can greatly decrease the level of oxygen the body requires when involved in extreme activity.

So bottom line, you can do a whole lot more. This is H-U-G-E!  You can now push the limits a little harder without becoming fearful or worrying about the possibility that you may tire too early.

Make sense? And who wouldn’t want that? We’ve all been there at least once or twice, right?

You have your opponent right where you want him, but you don’t have enough left in the tank to give him the final knockout blow and finish him off.

The will is there (…and your mind is saying come on), but your body ends up saying HECK NO, because you simply can’t.

Like Jerry West said about an aging Lakers team this year, after playing deep into the finals 3 straight seasons, “The reason you ‘can’t play defense’ is because you can’t! There just wasn’t enough left to get it done.

Now, just to be clear here, tennis players don’t *HAVE* to consume an omega-3 fish oil supplement to insure success in hard-fought matches or sweat-drenching practices.

But with it, it’s more likely that you’ll be able to play some really good defense AND a lot better offense while out there on the court for a longer period of time.

Now, we don’t have enough time to discuss them all in detail, but with this fish oil supplement, it is also known to produce these benefits to your tennis nutrition. See below:

More Health Benefits of Fish Oil To Bolster Your Tennis Nutrition

1. Prevents exercise-induced asthma
2. Helps avoid insulin sensitivity
3. Provides nutrients & oxygen to bodily systems
4. Metabolic functions such as lactic acid build up
5. Accelerate your caloric burn
6. Promotes blood vessel function
7. Improves joint flexibility
8. Optimizes digestive health
9. Increases immune & inflammatory response.

Not bad huh? It’s pretty awesome if you ask me. Personally, I take two fish oil capsules a day myself. Oh, and no you don’t need a special badge or credential to nab some of these babies.

You can get fish oil capsules for under 10 bucks at your local Walmart, Walgreens or Target.

So, if you find yourself getting too tired to close out matches, give this a try. They’re relatively cheap… Not much risk involved. And heck, it just might work for you.

Have a great day and an even better game,

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I actually use this stuff because I work out in the gym a lot. Flax seed oil is good too!

Head Coach

Right on Skip. Glad to see you’re a gym rat, like me. Yes, you’re right. Flax Seed is a great supplement as well. I plan on getting into it in an upcoming tip… It’s really good for muscle recovery. :)

marilyn mccroskey

Coach, I really appreciated the tip about electrolytes and hydration – thanks for turning my attention to fish oil – which I take sometimes anyway, but now that I know its good for my tennis I will take everyday! Thanks – P.S. I’ve learned a lot from the downloaded Tennis Mind Camp instruction – my game really has improved!


It produces exercise induced asthma? i assume you meant curbs it.

Head Coach

Oh yes Nadia. It’d be horrible if it actually caused a detrimental health condition like that. It of course helps *PREVENT* it. Thanks for catching that. I should have made it a little more clear. ;)

Head Coach

Hey Marilyn… You’re totally welcome! I’m really excited to see that many of the tips and course material we’re covering are benefiting you and helping you to see positive improvements in your game! It lets me know that we’re definitely on the right track. How far are you in TennisMindCamp Strategy Secrets 101 by the way? I know it’s a TON of material… :)

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