Tennis Nutrition: Want To Play Like The Wimbledon Wonders? Add This To Your Diet

by Head Coach

tennis nutrition add grapefruit Tennis Nutrition: Want To Play Like The Wimbledon Wonders? Add This To Your DietWouldn’t it be cool to play like the world’s best tennis players, like the ones battling it out at Wimbledon 2011? Well, you can!

Just get in shape! Oh, you are in shape? Really?  Well, let me ask you something.

Can you play near the top of your game for over 3 hours straight in over 90 degree heat…

…Repeatedly sprinting to the corners to defend against a mind-blowing forehand and then recovering, just to storm to the net to catch a masterfully crafted drop shot the very next second, without any setbacks?

If not, then you’ve got some work to do. Oh yeah, you MUST be able to last out there if you want any shot at playing with the big boys (…and girls).

If you’re out there carrying around even just a few extra unwanted pounds, you’re not going to be able to hang.

You’ll end points pre-maturely and develop the habit of forcing lower-percentage shots – outright killing your chances of attaining positive results.

Mardy Fish, who happens to be the only American, on the men’s side, left in this year’s Wimbledon 2011 tournament, is a player who is living proof that I speak the truth.

Some of the reasons why he’s playing so well in at the All-England Club in 2011 is he’s now able to cover the court much better, execute his strokes much more easily, and has vastly improved his focus and in-game decision making – all without feeling the effects of fatigue he used to.

Why? It’s simple. Mardy Fish is paying closer attention to his tennis nutrition.

Mardy Fish’s Tennis Nutrition: The Physical Results

Fish trimmed down and has shed the majority of the excess weight that was slowing him.

And hey, this is critically important. These men and women who play the big time tournaments like Wimbledon, the US Open and others are relentless.

They will be clawing, kicking, biting, breaking, and ripping their way to get that win against you. And in order to win, you have to at least “match” that intensity. And you can’t do that if you’re not equaling their physical output.

So how do you lose the weight and get into tip top tennis shape so you have what it takes to bite and claw back? That’s an easy one. Rev up your metabolism!

Now, how do you do that?

Of course, you want to make sure to get out and perform some cardio training. And you can’t forget (…as do many tennis players) to hit the gym and get some strength work in along with plyometrics and free weights. Those are both great and highly necessary.

But even if you do those two things exceptionally well, you could still fall short. You’re still leaving out what to me is the most important of them element of the three, your diet.

Your Tennis Nutrition: The Percentages and Solutions

Oh yeah, in the sports medicine field, ingesting the right foods and dietary supplements accounting for over 80% of your results is practically common knowledge.

That said, try out this this super food to give your metabolic rate and your tennis nutrition a mega turbo-charge:

Grapefruit: Getting tired of apples and oranges? Grab a grapefruit. Unique chemical properties in this vitamin C-packed citrus fruit reduce insulin levels, which promotes weight loss and catapults the metabolism in tennis players.

Eat it raw or blend it in a smoothie (…very tasty). Both are great options your body will love you for.

NOTE: Countless studies have been conducted over the past 3 decades that have proven that this tart fruit is virtually a fat-blasting bazooka.

For example, researchers at Scripps Clinic found that those who ate just half a grapefruit with each meal in a 12-week period lost an average of 3.6 pounds. That’s truly an amazing stat! So, I recommend you give it a try.

Oh and the best part, they’re not going to cost your an arm, a leg, and your brand-new racket like some of these new gimmicky supplements you find on late night infomercials.

These babies are super cheap! So use the couple bucks you found on the side of your couch, and just a drop a few in your cart the next time you’re at the super market.

It could mean the difference between pulling out an incredible win or collapsing in a lengthy tie-break. Or it could possibly mean the difference between sitting at home on your lazy-boy and hearing thousands of fans chanting your name!

Enjoy the rest of Wimbledon 2011. Hopefully, you’ll start to focus on your tennis nutrition a little bit more, and I’ll see you there someday, grapefruit in hand.

All the best,

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Indira Bhagwandin

Love this article. It is good to know the advantages of grape fruit. This fruit is good not only for tennis players, but for everyone.

Head Coach

You’re absolutely right Indira! Everyone can take advantage, not just us tennis players. Thanks for the input. :)



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