Think Small, Win Big In Your Next Tennis Match!

by Head Coach

Ever have a huge lead and are only a couple good plays from getting the match, then you feel yourself begin to fall apart?

Or maybe you’ve been playing so horribly and lousy that winning the match feels impossible, even though it’s only the second game? Been there? We all have at some point.

Now, why does this happen? Your mental switch gets flipped.  Often times, upon nearing the finish line, you can easily become distracted.

You’re thinking about the big ace you hit in the previous game, visualizing the trophy that has yet to be earned, thinking of the bragging rights you could possibly obtain, or contemplating who your next opponent will be, instead of continuing to focus on what got you out front in the first place.

And on the other end,  if you’re playing like lousy Linda or lousy Larry, and unfortunately dig yourself into a major hole early, you end up also falling into the mental trap of looking too far ahead, making the odds of catching-up and winning much greater of an obstacle than they really are.

This bogs down the mind, cripples your confidence, and eliminates any chance you have at making any sort of a comeback.

If this experience sounds like you at some point,  then this VIDEO ABOVE is FOR you.  Press play to get started.

Have a great day and an even better game,



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